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Residential and Business Storage

Compares to
What Fits
25 square feet (5'x5')
Small Half Bathroom
Several Boxes & small items
50 square feet (5'x10')
Walk-in Closet
Couch, chairs, chest of drawers
75 square feet (5'x15')
One Bedroom Apartment
Standard furnishings from a one bedroom apartment without appliances, and small items. Ideal for file boxes.
100 square feet ('10x10')
Average size bedroom
Furnishings for a one bedroom apartment with appliances.

120 square feet (10'x12')

Outdoor shed size
Furnishings for small apartment.
150 square feet (10'x15')
Large Bedroom
Furnishings for a two bedroom apartment or a small house without appliances.

180 square feet (10'x18')

Little smaller than a single car garage
Furnishings for a small house or apartment.
200 square feet (10'x20')
Small one car garage
Furnishings for a two bedroom house with appliances, or a car, truck or boat.

300 square feet (10'x30')

Extra Long Garage
Furnishings for a three bedroom house. Will hold the contents of a 40' moving van.

400 square feet (10'x40')

Equal to a two car garage
Furnishings for a whole house.

Administration Fee $10.00

Key & Lock Deposit $15.00

*10x30's & 10x40's may require 2 Key & Lock Deposits